Put methods under existing API in AWS API Gateway

How do I configure serverless.yml to put my serverless functions under an already existing RestAPI with a custom domain (api.example.com). By default serverless creates a new API for each serverless.yml.

Hey @anderslundsgard,

you’re correct that each serverless.yml will create a new RestAPI resource in API Gateway. You can then map multiple RestAPIs to the same custom domain using a BasePathMapping. If you do this, each Rest API must have a base path mapping.

Thus, if you had two services, users-service and products-service, you could map them to your custom domain using /users as your base path for the first and /products as the base path for the second.

We’ve got a couple resources on setting this up:

  1. a blog post on using a custom domain name with your Serverless service; and

  2. a blog post on putting multiple Serverless services under the same custom domain, which I believe is what you’re looking for.

Both posts use the excellent serverless-domain-manager plugin from the fine people at Amplify Education.


Looks exactly what I was hoped for. Thanks!

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For future readers, serverless allows this natively. If the API gateway already exists, add a configuration block in the provider section of serverless.yaml like this:

    restApiId: xxxxxxxxxx # The resource ID of your API Gateway (can be found in the console in your API Gateway's base URL) 
    restApiRootResourceId: xxxxxxxxxx # Root resource ID- this is the ID of the existing root path where you want this service to be mounted (might be for the API Gateway's base root "/" or for some other base path you want to use in front of your functions' paths like "/subpath".)

Other configuration options are available, see: https://www.serverless.com/framework/docs/providers/aws/guide/serverless.yml/

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