Providing lifecycle rules for ECR repositories

Our costs for ECR storage are starting to go up and I noticed that when using the Docker image feature of Serverless Framework there seems to be no lifecycle management policy. Is it possible to set one? Could I write some custom CloudFormation XML that refers to the repository created by the Serverless Framework?

Encountering the same issue as well. This is a much needed feature indeed. For now, my solution is to run a python script after the serverless deploy command:

            "<your stack name>",
            "rules": [
                    "rulePriority": 1,
                    "description": "Expire untagged images older than 1 day",
                    "selection": {
                        "tagStatus": "untagged",
                        "countType": "sinceImagePushed",
                        "countUnit": "days",
                        "countNumber": 1,
                    "action": {
                        "type": "expire",