Propagate parameters into Lambda

We see there is a way to inject parameters into Lambda on initialization as described in this post: Sharing Secrets with AWS Lambda Using AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store | AWS Compute Blog

It’s not clear to me then though when and how often the Lambda would be re-initialized. So when we update a value, how do we get it to propagate into our lambdas?

Ideally we would like to have something like envconsul do it which watches the values and when they change, forcibly restarts the process that it’s running. Is there a way to do something like this?

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Hi @alper ,

did you find any solution for this…? Our difference is, we use Vault - and the Lambda Extension for it (Use AWS Lambda Extensions to Securely Retrieve Secrets From HashiCorp Vault). The problem with that one, is that we can use this as a proxy to Vault - or read the secrets from disk (not ideal). Really missing also something like envconsul for Lambda… :slight_smile: