Project structure "Sharing code between services"

Hi, I came across the AWS reference architecture where each function has a package.json: lambda-refarch-webapp/todo-src/completeTodo at master · aws-samples/lambda-refarch-webapp · GitHub

I also came across Structuring a Real-World Serverless App but that didn’t have a real Git repo for me to study, so I didn’t actually understand how to manage “Sharing code between services”.

For example I’ve created a minimal reproducible example here:

But when I include …/log.js from bar, log.js is unable to discover bar’s package.json. So how does one organise their code base to make it work?

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It’s going to depend on the language and packaging. For Node options including

  1. Use webpack
  2. Put shared code into a package then install it.
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Thanks, in the end I’ve gone for the single package.json where the serverless.yml is.

Was trying esbuild Confused as to how to structure shared code · Issue #210 · floydspace/serverless-esbuild · GitHub though bizaarely one of my functions fails with

2021-10-15T07:08:11 2021-10-15T07:08:11.687Z undefined ERROR Uncaught Exception {"errorType":"TypeError","errorMessage":"Cannot destructure property 'dir' of 'T.package' as it is undefined.","stack":["TypeError: Cannot destructure property 'dir' of 'T.package' as it is undefined."," at node_modules/esm/esm.js (/var/task/v1/index.js:50982:20)"," at __require (/var/task/v1/index.js:41:44)"," at node_modules/@digitalbazaar/http-client/index.js (/var/

Perhaps some commonJS/requireJS issue, idk. I do know I miss Golang!