Problems running existing plugin from local plugins folder

Hi all. I’ve just started migrating an existing AWS Lambda project to use serverless. I’m excited, serverless looks like it will remove a lot of my current pain.

My project uses ClojureScript, so I’m using serverless-cljs-plugin. This mostly works great but it doesn’t work with serverless-offline, which is one of my main reasons for switching to serverless. I’ve spend some time digging into the plugin, and I believe it’s because the plugin’s hooks don’t include the serverless-offline lifecycle events (e.g. like this).

In order to test and develop this locally, I’ve created a .serverless_plugins directory and cloned the plugin into it, like this:

~/d/c/lambda (master)> tree .serverless_plugins
└── serverless-cljs-plugin
    ├── LICENSE
    ├── index.js
    ├── package.json
       <snip additional files>

However, now when I try to execute serverless offline (without further modifying the cloned plugin project) I get errors like:

  TypeError: _.get is not a function
      at isLumo (/Users/colin/dev/cursive-site/lambda/.serverless_plugins/serverless-cljs-plugin/index.js:20:22)
      <etc etc>

In the plugin, _ is bound to lodash, and this sounds to me like lodash isn’t being loaded correctly when the plugin is run locally. However I’m very much a newbie when it comes to JS/Node, so I have no idea why that might be. Can anyone help?

Actually, this was a newbie mistake - I needed to run npm install in the plugin directory.