Pointing functions to sub directories

I am very new to Serverless, trying to migrate from AWS SAM.
In AWS SAM, one can point the function to the base of the code for that function using the CodeUri property.

But it seems serverless just grabs everything it can find at the same level as and recursively below the serverless.yml file for deployment. Is this correct?

Is it possible to say:
Func1 uses the code in “my/deep/path/to/my/code/”
Func2 uses the code in “another/deep/path/”
So that everything else is ignored?

In my case Func1 is a python function and Func2 is Go, so i also need two distinct runtimes for them.

The repos i have inherited have a LOT of stuff in them that is not relevant for deployment, i just want to cherry pick two directories, and deploy those only.

I managed to work out how to do it for myself:

First, exclude EVERYTHING:

  individually: true
    - "*/**"
    - "*"

Then only include the stuff I need for my functions:

    handler: mothership.API_Dispatch.lambda_handler
    module: backend/serverless
      - backend/serverless/**

Which did the trick