Packaging - Include not working?


I package my functions individually and only include the part i want. This used to work, but i think as of my update to 1.0.3 it doesnt anymore.

This is the kind of thing im doing:

individually: true
- login-handler.js
- signup-handler.js
- verify-handler.js
- resend-handler.js
- forgotten-password-handler.js
- reset-password-handler.js
- change-password-handler.js
- event.json

name: login
handler: login-handler.handler
- login-handler.js
memorySize: 128

Now in my login method there is nothing. It exludes everything but doesnt include. Is there a feature change im not aware of?


It was changed to use globs for exclusion, at which point it stopped supporting include. (

Looks like they’ve just merged in a PR that will allow includes again, though not with the old syntax. (

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Yeah, looks like the PR @vyh mentioned is the way to do it today…

There is a much bigger discussion related to this going on in

Cool thanks guys ill just include all for now and see how things turn out

so now there is no possibility to include a specific file for only one function? (or do i understand the new syntax wrong?)

and so the package-documentation is wrong:

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Yes, you can include a file in a specific function; Unfortunately it involves a double negative (as per the docs you linked).

In your function’s package options you can put a ! in front of the file you want to include as one of the exclude entries… I feel a bit silly writing that, but that’s the current implementation.

Again, this is currently under discussion in issue I linked above and I’m hoping it gets sorted for the next release.

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thank you. the syntax is not nice, but if it work, i can live with it.

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