Number of processes when serverless-offline starts

Hi everyone!
I’m quite new to serverless but I’ve already started doing courses.
I have the app on my local env with serverless-offline (with a few other offline-plugins).
It has been developed by other devs and I hadn’t a proper handover.

There is only one lambda that serves all REST requests.
My question is - when using offline mode how many processes should start?
I put some console logs (to the api side) and see that app kinda inits itself a few times.
Or is it usual that each request (from client side) is served by a new lambda-instance?
I’m a bit confused.

Hi. Does your lambda involve the express server? If one lambda function handles over many requests then it should be express server inside one lambda function with node.js. It’s working like server but lambda have limited timeout. You can get an idea from this blog.