Normal event bucket name, but with some bucket configuration

This is not spam. I have a technical issue. Not selling anything. The only links in this are linking back to the framework itself.

I’m trying to create an event on object creation from an s3 bucket to call a lambda function. Very straight forward. But the problem is that I need to do just a little bit of bucket configuration on the bucket (like adding the CORS configuration to include the ETag header).

My issue is that if I follow the last example from here; I get a static bucket name that can’t be reused. I want a normal bucket name with the random string on the end.

How can I accomplish this?

I can’t even seem to get the example mentioned here: to work without complaints of circular references from CF. I think I have been very careful to follow the rules about naming.

I was able to solve this on my own. I left a comment about it here: