Non-default AWS credentials

I do not seem to find how to specify non-default profile for AWS credentials in Serverless 1.0. How do I specify a different profile than default?

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It seems from looking at the source code that setting the AWS_PROFILE environment variable to the name of the profile is the way to do it currently.

There are 2 PRs currently pending about this. and

Yup this will be fixed soon as @andymac4182 mentioned

I’m trying out Serverless for the first time and found documentation outlining use of a profile to authenticate Serverless with AWS (

service: new-service
name: aws
runtime: nodejs4.3
stage: dev
profile: devProfile

The above documentation seems to conflict with this issue and the related PR’s and my attempts to set the profile in serverless.yml have failed (it simply throws the ServerlessError: AWS provider credentials not found).

I know this issue and the responses are recent, but I just wanted to follow up on this and figure out if this has been resolved yet and (if so) how I can use it. I installed Serverless via npm and it’s at 1.0.0-rc.1. Do I need to install a later version off github and do you have instructions for doing so?