Node 10 Lambdas on AWS

Congrats on the latest sls release

AWS now supports Node v10

Should have some real performance gains over v8.

When will support v10 Lambdas?

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It already does. Just set runtime: nodejs10.x in your serverless.yml.

In my case I could indeed just change runtime from nodejs8.10 to nodejs10.x, deploy it to AWS and it worked the first time.

I then started wondering which exact version of node 10 is running on AWS Lambda.
I temporarily added an endpoint to my serverless app returning the content of process.env and the result is this.

on 18th of May 2019 an aws lambda running node10.x on us-east1 was using
node 10.15.3

This is important if you are using javascript features not yet supported even by node 10 and you want to optimize babel compiling the backend code by telling the target node version:

module.exports = {

	plugins: [
	presets: [
		['@babel/preset-env', {
			targets: {
				node: '10.15',
			shippedProposals: true,

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@giorgio-zamparelli Unlike the previous Node runtimes AWS plans to keep it up to date with latest release version. See the AWS release blog post.

Starting with Node 10, AWS Lambda will also automatically update the language minor versions to latest minor version, as specified by

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