Mixing functions with docker and zip for AWS

I was writing a new serverless.yml for a new function when it occurred to me…

Basically, I have a service for AWS with like 15 functions, all using docker images. The AWS lambdas created work fine.

Now I want to create a new AWS lambda function that actually calls one or of these 15 lambdas accordingly and I was writing a new serverless_new.yml, on automatic mode, when I realise that:

  1. I may not need a docker since it’s a simple python script to call other lambdas
  2. If I can do it as zip package, can I mix zip and docker functions in one serverless.yml?

They would access different buckets with different iam.role.statements but otherwise I don’t see why I can’t do this except that it may take longer to deploy (but maybe not before my original 15 lambdas are very stable and I’m not changing its code that often anymore).

And they would have a different deploy stage call as well. So it would set them aside right?