Migration from 0.5.x to the latest stable version

We have 0.5.x version running on AWS and we would like to move to the latest version.
The main question is what to do with cloud formation templates and DynamoDB tables.

Did anybody do the migration and can share some experiences?


That is a very old version. Things have considerably changed since that version. I am not sure how much code you have but my suggestion will be to rewrite the app using the latest version.
You can deploy to a ‘dev’ stage and test out the functionality.

As far as CF templates are concerned, they might have changed in AWS as well. So you will have to fix them/migrate them as well.

For the DynamoDB table, I would recommend you take a backup of the table, recreate it with the latest version and then copy the data over to the new table. If that is not feasible, and the data schema has not changed, you might be able to still reference the old tables from you code. In your new app, you can set the DynamoDB table to have "DeletionPolicy" : "Retain" flag set.

Hope this helps.

There were a number of changes between 0.5 and 1.0 that made them incompatible. The cleanest (and possibly only) solution will be to start a new project. With existing resources (like DynamoDB) you have a couple of options.

  1. Continue using 0.5 to deploy and manage the existing resources.
  2. Orphan the existing resources by setting deletion policy to retain before removing the stack. You can then manage the old resources manually.
  3. Create new resources and copy data from the old resources.