Login and deploy not working inside of a Docker

Hi all;

In order to make life easier for my dev team, I have started to make use of Docker containers, and the remote-container extension for VSC. Works really well, except for this issue.

Have installed everything; all project dependencies and it deploys good as gold locally. When executing npx sls deploy --stage dev in the container, it fails as unable to resolve parameters from the serverless ci/cd stage.

So, I try to login, thinking that this could be the issue, and sls login --dashboard returns:

SyntaxError: The URL’s protocol must be one of “ws:”, “wss:”, or “ws+unix:”

  • at initAsClient (/workspaces/halo-AWSAPI/node_modules/isomorphic-ws/node_modules/ws/lib/websocket.js:693:17)*
  • at new WebSocket (/workspaces/halo-AWSAPI/node_modules/isomorphic-ws/node_modules/ws/lib/websocket.js:85:7)*
  • at ServerlessSDK.loginIdentity (/workspaces/halo-AWSAPI/node_modules/@serverless/platform-client/src/index.js:1066:16)*
  • at ServerlessSDK.login (/workspaces/halo-AWSAPI/node_modules/@serverless/platform-client/src/index.js:1139:70)*
  • at module.exports (/workspaces/halo-AWSAPI/node_modules/serverless/lib/commands/login/dashboard.js:13:64)*
  • at module.exports (/workspaces/halo-AWSAPI/node_modules/serverless/commands/login.js:43:55)*
  • at async /workspaces/halo-AWSAPI/node_modules/serverless/scripts/serverless.js:539:9*

I’m thinking that theres an issue with the build, but honestly no idea what. Would really appreciate any guidance.

Thanks all;