Local invocation with Java

I’ve created a serverless Java project using the aws-java-maven template. I’ve created the package with maven and serverless, but when I use serverless invoke local, I get the following:

Serverless: Building Java bridge, first invocation might take a bit longer.
mvn - POM file "C:\snapshot\serverless\lib\plugins\aws\invokeLocal\java\pom.xml" specified the -f/--file command-line argument does not exist 

Serverless: In order to get human-readable output, please implement "toString()" method of your "ApiGatewayResponse" object.
Error: Unable to access jarfile C:\snapshot\serverless\lib\plugins\aws\invokeLocal\java\target\invoke-bridge-1.0.1.jar

What’s causing this/ how can I get around it? I was able to invoke the Node hello example easily.

Doest the file in the error message exists?