Load module inside microservices


After an amazing experience with Serverless Framework + AWS IoT + DynamoDB I decided to migrate an old platform with more than 50.000 users to serverless.

In this case I need to use RDS. My architecture is the following:


I need to load my db module inside every microservice (like users) to interact with the database but I can’t load the module doing this:

const connectToDatabase = require('../database/db');

So what is the best practice?

Thank you!

When we were doing this with NodeJS, we used symlinks a lot to put “lib” directories into each service.

Now that we’re writing our services in TypeScript, we’re using serverless-plugin-webpack, and since that packages all the dependencies for you, you can reference code outside the service directory without issue. You could do the same even without TypeScript.

Jeremy Thomerson, serverless-training.com

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It’s a perfect solution, thank you!