Link Cloudfront to API Gateway, to Lambda

Hi, I can add http event to a Lambda function to have an API gateway createed, but now I want to create a Cloudfront distribution which uses the methods of that API gateway. In my cloudfront, how do I refer to the API gateway which is implicitly created for the Lambda functions?
I got a snippet to describe the origin from here:

But that’s not doing it for me :frowning: so far I’m getting: An error occurred while provisioning your stack: CloudFrontDistribution - One or more of your origins do not exist…

"DomainName" : {
                "Fn::Join": [
                    { "Ref": "ApiGatewayRestApi" },

Hi! We ran into the same issue and decided to create and open-source Serverless plugin that does exactly that :slight_smile: So feel free to check it out and let me know if it works for you -

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