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Hey Serverless,

I noticed that the documentation on serverless site is based on master branch, not the latest published release branch. This makes it confusing when there’s documentation about features that are actually not released yet. Here’s a reference to one of the confusions:

I saw David Well’s comments in the source code about this issue as well:

Any ideas how to fix this? I’d say adding a sync request in there to populate the configs would be fine as it’s part of the building process, not running inside any request on serverless site.

Regards, Mattias

Docs being out of sync is a problem with many open source projects that use the master branch for development and document generation.

Until the feature gets released you could look at overriding the default by setting your own API Gateway in the resources section. If you don’t absolutely need this feature right now then I would recommend waiting because they do frequent releases.

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Update proposal at