Lambda Proxy integration: Method Request params

Can I use Lambda Proxy integration and Serverless create the Method Request params: querystrings and headers (I will export them to swagger)

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what do you mean by “create”?

  1. add headers and query parameters to the request? no.
  2. access them? sure. event.headers and event.queryStringParameters (the complete Lambda proxy schema is:

I want something like this picture:

Got it.
Unfortunately I don’t know the answer to that, sorry.

Thanks anyway. I intend to use these parameters to export the Swagger documentation from API Gateway

if it’s just to document your endpoints, then maybe this plugin is interesting for you: (never tried it myself)
raml is not swagger, sure but I think there are converters out there
also the plugin isn’t doing exactly what you need but at least it allows you to add some description to your endpoints

Just saw this:
So it seems to be a bug that you cannot set it right now.