Lambda-proxy / aws-proxy / aws_proxy (Recommended)

Hi there,

I’m confused by lambda-proxy / aws-proxy / aws_proxy (Recommended) as found in

IIUC the hello-world template gets me going with LAMBDA_PROXY.

Am I supposed to use aws_proxy instead? Or are they all equivalent?

I need to re-implement an API that looks like:

Thankfully after a lot of searching I did find Lambda-proxy example trick. Why isn’t this properly documented?

Sidenote: Btw this forum is very weird with non-https URLs.

The line below the list says aws-proxy and aws_proxy are alternative styles for lambda-proxy so it looks like they’re the same.

I would have assumed they’re recommending that integration type as opposed to the other 4 on the list. If you don’t specify an integration explicitly then it defaults to Lambda Proxy.