Lambda function invoked multiple times on one call


I have a lambda function that when in production gets invoked by a cron scheduler. Although, there are times when the function errors and we may be required to run it manually. When this happens we run a local invoke from the command line to kick off the function. Lately this has mixed results of the function running up to 6 times instead of 1. I know this because the function sends an email at the very end of the function via ses and I have 6 new emails in my inbox. Each one is a couple of minutes apart so the function appears to have run one after the other. I don’t see any failures or any retries, so I’m looking for a way to debug this and maybe some pointers from this community. I’m curious if the serverless command locally is timing out somehow and running it again, but there is no debug that I can find to see what’s happening locally.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you