Lambda@Edge with an existing cloudfront distirbution

I’m trying to attached a lambda@edge managed by serverless framework to cloudfront distribution managed by terraform.
More details:
Terraform creates a cloudfront (
I have a lambda at edge function in serverless and I want to attach it to the existing xxx.cloudfront.netdistribution. The below example somehow creates a new distribution:
service: serverless-geo-routing

  name: aws
  runtime: nodejs10.x

    handler: functions/handler.lamboQa
      - cloudFront:
          eventType: origin-request

Any ideas on how to do it? Might be a very simple solution, I’m just not that familiar with serverless.
Thanks a lot!

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I’m facing the same issue where I have a Lambda Edge and I need to attach it to an existing CF Distribution :confused:Have you found something about this?