Issues referencing CloudFormation outputs in Serverless YML


I am trying to reference CloudFormation outputs in my Serverless yaml file so that I can reference existing resources created in other services/stacks.
e.g. role: ${cf:BaseSecurity.LambdaKinesisExecutionRole}

This seemed to work fine until I tried to change my provider region to include a default value;

region: ${opt:region, ‘eu-west-1’}

After adding this my info and deploy fail with the following;

Serverless Error ---------------------------------------

Inaccessible host: cloudformation.'. This service may not be available in the${opt:region, ‘eu-west-1’}’ region.

Your Environment Information -----------------------------
OS: darwin
Node Version: 9.4.0
Serverless Version: 1.25.0

I can fix the issue by calling

serverless info --region eu-west-1

however I would prefer not to always be forced to supply a region if possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Looks like a variable parsing order bug.

Can you report this in the repo for us to track it?

No problem - I have raised

I assume for the moment I will need to supply --region into the serverless deploy command until this can be fixed?