Issue on Serverless 2.3 and typescript leading to $26000 loss

Hi Serverless team, there is an issue observed while deploying an s3 event policy on lambda which has caused us $26000 on billing as it lead to an unexpected loop running on lambda and s3.

The use case was to move the file that is received into a folder based on an event as the file lands in the s3 bucket.
The policy as per our code was applied with prefix and suffix, which should have generated an event only when the .json file landed into s3.
But instead, the policy applied on Serverless deployment had only a prefix and as my code created a folder it constantly kept on triggering the code as an s3 event and this led to an infinite loop over lambda and s3 causing me huge money.

I would want Serverless to suggest what should be done here, we have asked AWS to get our billing down or even alienated but they have recommended we open tickets with Serverless.

What should be done here, please suggest.