Is there a way I can standardize the custom, provider, plugins, etc. sections of my serverless.yml files across services

I have roughly 20 services in their own separate Github repos. I am trying to find a way to standardize the ways in which those services utilize the custom, provider, plugins, etc. sections. I expect them to be the same for all services. If i were to say, add a new stacktag, I dont want to put out a pr in all 20 repos to make this change. Is there a best practice to handling this scenario? I’ve looked at nested stacks but i think I would have to still define those sections in both yaml files. What I am looking for is to separate out the service specific resources and functions into their own yaml that references a template yaml that contains all the custom, provider stuff. This way I can make a change once to the template and have those changes propagate to all services.

I answered my own question. The best way to do this is to create a second yaml file and import it into severless.yml using the ${file(custom.yaml)} syntax

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