Is there a new (2.20) way to deal with multiple configuration files other than all in root?

For some reason, BitBucket Pipelines (CI/CD) is suddenly using Serverless 2.20.1. I assume this is a change that has been made to the release tags at Serverless HQ.

Unfortunately this has broken our deployments because our configuration files are in a directory. Deprecation notices say this won’t be a problem until 3.0.0 but the .serverless directory is now being created inside the directory where the configuration files are kept and thus no files are being included from the actual project.

We have a dozen different configuration files for deploying a number of services from the same code base. I’d rather not have a dozen yml files hanging around the root of the repo just to satisfy this odd new behaviour.

Please can someone tell me how I can work with configuration in multiple files without putting them all in the root of the repo?