Invoke works but using python requests fails

Hi guys,

I’m completely new to API dev and wanted to start playing around with serverless and aws lambda to get a better feeling for it. For this reason I was following this tutorial. Everything worked like a charm and I was able to invoke the function. My next goal was to create a http endpoint. So I’ve added to the serverless.yaml

    handler: handler.mean
      - http:
          path: mean
          method: post

  - serverless-python-requirements

    dockerizePip: true

After deployment I still was able to invoke the function via terminal:

oka@home:~/sless$ serverless invoke -f mean -d ‘{“values”: [1, 2,3]}’
“body”: “2.0”,
“headers”: {},
“statusCode”: 200

but doing the same in python:

In [120]: import requests

In [121]: data = {'values': [1,2,3,4,5]}

In [122]: a =, data=data)

In [123]: a.json()
Out[123]: {u'message': u'Internal server error'}

In [124]: a
Out[124]: <Response [502]>

What am I doing wrong?