Invoke Local return empty

I’m still playing with the Serverless framework, to see what it’s able to do.

I created a project with the CLI, for the Google Cloud Platform.
It comes with a simple function named first .
I was able to deploy it to the Cloud Platform, and able to invoke it with the command:
serverless invoke --function first

But when I tried to invoke it local, with the command:
serverless invoke local -f first

It returns nothing:

I’m following the Docs here: link

Is it because it’s a http request?

There’s another example of a function that could work local, just to test?

@rafaextradev Did you ever resolve this? I’m just starting with Google Cloud Platform and encountering the same problem.

Me too. I can invoke but not invoke local (returns nothing).

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Same problem here, anyone have solved this ?
Serverless version : 1.36.3