Integrating a new framework with Serverless

Hi all, I’m working on an open source integration framework. I’m a big fan of Serverless (have already moved a couple projects over) and think it will be a great way to enable users to run their integrations on AWS or any other providers Serverless supports.

Right now each flow just exposes a handler function, which can be plugged into serverless.yml (see the docs). Will this work for the newly added providers like Azure?

I’m also curious if there’s any value in creating a tighter integration with serverless, e.g. via a plugin. But my knowledge of Serverless isn’t quite deep enough. Would love to hear any ideas there.

Lastly, is there support for adding custom providers via plugins? I’d like to allow users to run their integrations on, in addition to AWS/Azure/Google. Ideally this could be done via serverless deploy.