Install serverless behind a corporate proxy


I am trying to install and use serverless framework behind a corporate proxy.

After install, when i try to login it fails with message

Sorry, something went wrong. Please run "serverless login" again.

How can I get more info on what went wrong?

You don’t need to log into your Serverless account to use Serverless. Generally speaking I’d advise against using serverless login

thanks for the advise i will try but fyi … I see below when i try to run serverless run

        serverless run

          Serverless Error ---------------------------------------

          Must be logged in to use this command. Please run "serverless login".

          Get Support --------------------------------------------

@mehrotra-prateek Are you signed up for the Serverless Platform Beta? You might need to contact someone at Serverless Inc for support with that. I don’t think many people here are using it.