How to use custom authorizer with dynamic path via serverless.yml

I tried using the Auth0 Serverless example, it is working very well for POST requests. I’m however running into the problem with a PUT request. This requires a dynamic path to be set. So i have done exactly that in the following way:

    handler: functions/elements/update.update
      - http:
          path: element/{code}
          method: put
          integration: lambda
          authorizer: auth # See custom authorizer docs here:
              - '*'
              - Content-Type
              - X-Amz-Date
              - Authorization
              - X-Api-Key
              - X-Amz-Security-Token

Now when the policy is generated, it seems to be getting a conflict because the dynamic parameter is in the methodArn, it seems to affect the resource. As a result im getting the following error:
User is not authorized to access this resource

Any ideas how to counter this problem? I tried adding a wildcard to the methodArn as following:

cb(null, generatePolicy(decoded.sub, 'Allow', event.methodArn+'*'));

But that does’nt seem to help.