How to setup AWS CodePipeline, CodeBuild & CodeDeploy using serverless?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to do such a thing? I would like to create and setup my AWS CodePipelines, CodeBuild and CodeDeploy through serverless framework for my CI workflow.


My question is, why you choice Serverless Framework to manage aws Developer Tools (include CodePipeline, CodeBuild & CodeDeploy)?

Are they serverless related?

Take a look about Terraform, looks more suitable for your request.

Yes you are right, and thanks to point it out, I’ll take a look at terraform that seems more suitable.

I just wanted to centralize it in one point, as with serverless I’m able to create kinesis, sqs and other resources I though that maybe I could use it for CI too.

Why wouldn’t someone want to? I’m curious and to keep everything “serverless”, wouldn’t that be in the scope of a project?

Not really. Typically your CI/CD pipeline would use the Serverless Framework only at the very end to handle deployment and updating infrastructure needed by the functions. This means you need CodePipeline, CodeBuild and CodeDeploy setup first.

I would create another project using CloudFormation or Terraform to create your CI/CD infrastructure.