How to remove STAGE tag from Lambda functions?

How do I prevent the STAGE tag form being appended to my lambda functions tags when I deploy? Its unnecessary and conflicts with my team’s naming conventions.

You can get rid of it by specifying a specific name:

  handler: index.handler
  name: functionName

I already do that. My functions are API endpoints.

Can you share your serverless.yml file with us?

Running into the same thing when deploying lambda functions. Maybe this is normal, but I’m curious if there’s a way to remove it.

Snippet from my the serverless.yml showing the function names are specified:

# Deploy Lambda functions
    name: lambda-${self:provider.stage}-REPORT-ALPHA
      artifact: report-alpha.jar
    name: lambda-${self:provider.stage}-REPORT-BETA
      artifact: report-beta.jar

Using Serverless 2.39.1