How to refer to a stack in another region


Let’s say I have 5 stacks in AWS region eu-central-1. Then I have one stack in eu-west-1 (because SES is not available in eu-central-1). This last stack depends on some ARN:s from the other stacks, so I use a construct like:


However, this fails, saying that the stack does not exist. I know that the stack does in fact exist in eu-central-1, so I suspect that serverless is trying to refer to the stack in the region of the referencing stack, eu-west-1.

How can I refer to a stack in another region to fetch ARNs and other output parameters?

You can’t create cross-stack references across regions. You can use the intrinsic function Fn::ImportValue to import only values that have been exported within the same region.

You’ll need to manually lookup the ARN and set them in your other serverless.yml files.

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FWIW, I ended up restructuring my stacks to avoid inter-stack dependencies altogether. In my case, that meant extracting a really small stack only holding my AWS SES templates - deployed in eu-west-1 - and moving related lambda functions to another stack in the same region as all my other stacks.

The only issue is a soft implicit dependency to the SES template names, since I cannot refer to them through the stack output, but I can live with that for now.

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