How to redirect path to external resource (AWS)

Hi there !
Is it possible to setup a mock to redirect root path to another url ?

I mean a have a function, accessible at /function1 path (resulting in And I want that / display some static documentation hosted elsewhere - so I need a 302 redirect to that URL ( -> 302 -> I don’t want this redirect to be handled by another lambda - no need - this is a static redirect.

P.S. just in case is a custom domain in Route 53, so with help of serverless-domain-manager the works perfectly.
P.P.S I’ve found Set up response template for redirect but seems to be of different subject

Managed to achieve it with referring one function twice

      - http:
          path: main/root/to/the/function
          method: get
          cors: true
      - http:
          path: /
          method: get
          integration: mock
              application/json: '{"statusCode": 301}'
            template: redirect
              Location: "'my-redirect-url-note-the-quotes-they-are-important'"
                pattern: ''