How to import multiple AWS Lambda packages to Serverless Framework project?

Hi, i’m new to the serverless framework. This might be too basic or newbie question but I’m looking for some direction/help to get on the right path.

I’ve 4 .NET 6 lambdas deployed to a dev/sandbox environment on AWS. The lambdas are large in size so I can’t just simply copy the code from the editor and create a handler for each one on my serverless project. I can only export the function as a deployment package from the AWS Console.How would you import the deployment packages to be used on the serverless framework?
End product would be composed of the 4 lambdas and a step function workflow to orchestrate the lambdas. I’d also like to know how to deploy this using CI/CD pipelines to other AWS stage environments UAT-Stage-Prod in a safe and correct way.

Thank you,