How to depend on the LambdaVersion{sha256} resource?

I’ve got a custom resource that will trigger one of my serverless functions. This resource uses DependsOn to wait for the AWS::Lambda::Function to be created, but I can’t figure out how to depend on the version resource — which appears necessary to avoid a race condition. (CF is calling my function before there’s a version available, and gives up by the time it is…)

How can I access the sha256 / name of the AWS::Lambda::Version that serverless manages internally so I can depend on it correctly?

so I’ve got:

    handler: foobar.handler
    Type: Custom::FoobarTrigger
    DependsOn: FoobarLambdaFunction

but I want to write:

DependsOn: FoobarLambdaVersion{sha256}



Finally found this post and it worked like a charm for my use case.

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