How to configure yml file or anything else to handle gzip on AWS Lambda

An external server POST request with its results compressed in the gzip format. I tried to decompress it to JSON objects but it is not working.

console.log(event.body) output a string which you will find here Online Notepad - body paylod ( it is a long string).

I tried to convert to base64 format and then parse to json - it did not work. I also tried to use zlib of nodeJs to unzip.

None of the following codes has helped me to get the data to json format.

It seems I am missing something to setup.

What I will need to configure on Serveless.yml file?

Btw, I tried to follow this tutorial gzip on AWS Lambda and API Gateway | by Christoph Neijenhuis | commercetools tech but it also did not work for me.

I will highly appreciate any help/guide.