How do you define a function handler that resides in a directory that's relative to the parent



My use case is this:

  • I want to reference a common handler for a custom authorizer
  • I don’t want the extra expense of maintaining a separate package or git subrepository
  • I don’t want to use symbolic links because that requires extra set up steps for the next developer who uses this repository and also extra documentation
  • I can also install the authorizer in a separate service and then reference it by ARN, but that feels like a “heavier” implementation than it needs to be

I’m trying to define the handler like so:

    handler: ../lib/authorize.handler

However, this does not work and results in being zero bytes.

If I do something like this:

    handler: subfolder/authorize.handler

It will work as expected.

Is this an inherent limitation in the Serverless Framework or am I just overlooking something really simple?

Incidentally, I am using serverless 1.29.0 with the serverless-webpack plugin 5.20.0.