How Do I deploy a function with python packages in private pip server

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using the serverless framework for a while to deploy functions that use python packages. For that purpose, I have been using the serverless-python-requirements plugin. This all works great. However, I now want to deploy a function that uses a python package that is hosted at a private pip server.

Locally, I add this pip server to my pip.conf file like this:
extra-index-url = https://$USERNAME:$PASSWORD@$URL/simple/

This works great when I install a package on my own device. However, when I try to deploy my function with the private python package in the requirements.txt, I get the following error:

Error --------------------------------------------------

   Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement
 $PACKAGE_NAME (from -r .serverless/requirements.txt
 (line 11)) (from versions: )

No matching distribution
found for $PACKAGE_NAME (from -r .serverless/requirements.txt
(line 11))

It thus appears to me that the python requirements plugin uses the regular pip server and not the private pip server that I configured and use when I run pip install $PACKAGE_NAME.

Does any of you have an idea on how I can configure serverless so that it uses the private pip server?

Thank you in advance,


Does the plugin know about the pip.conf file? Find out if there is a way to pass in the pip server url or include the pip.conf somehow. I saw that you posted the issue on their repo.

Rupak Ganguly