Got security questions for serverless development? Check out the Serverless Security webinar

Got security questions for serverless development? I am hosting a Serverless Security webinar with Org Segal, CTO of PureSec on June 19th at 9:30am PDT / 12:30 pm EDT. Join us for an hour of discussion, delving into the ever challenging path to serverless security. We will talk about the concerns, the challenges, and the mindset while thinking about security for serverless architectures.

RSVP at:

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Oh no, I missed it! :frowning:
Did you record the webinar, by any chance?
Thank you!

Yes, we did. Here is the recording: . Also, I would appreciate if you take the short survey for providing feedback at

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Brilliant, thanks!
And sure, I’ll take the survey afterwards.

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This is no longer available. Is there anyway it can be re-released?