[Fixed] Custom Domain Names - region for certificates and api gateway


Can I ask questions about custom Domain Names in API Gateway?

I read your blog (How to set up a custom domain name for Lambda & API Gateway with Serverless) that you mentioned:

 Note that you'll need to be in region us-east-1 

My understand is, only the certificate need be created at region us-east-1, I can create API gateway at any regions.

But when I try to manually create the custom domain name in api gateway in other regions, it is always in initializing…

Did you know how to fix this problem?

No problem in fact, just need to wait, set with Cloudfront takes time

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I have split my serverless code into two projects. One project holds the things that seldom change and take a long time to deploy. The other one holds the stuff that changes all of the time. So now I can deploy the more volatile stuff without touching the mostly static things.

My static serverless project creates an output file with the name of things like the user pool and domain. The more volatile serverless project imports this file.

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