Firehose + Amazon S3 issues

I have set up a Kinesis stream with a Firehose that is supposed to take data that is put into the stream, and store it in an S3 bucket.

Currently I can see my stream is getting data and my firehose is reading it, but then not sending anything to S3. ( DataReadFromKinesisStream shows it is reading data)

I can then see that the firehose is not delivering it to S3. ( DeliveryToS3 Bytes is stuck at 0).

The IAM role for the firehouse has access to read from Kinesis and read/write to S3.

I set up logs but am not receiving any errors from the hose it seems.

Below is the serverless file i used to deploy everything.

Here is a link to serverless file for the firehose

Here is a link to the other resources + policies for the role!

Any ideas on what I might have done wrong here? Still very new to AWS and serverless.