Feature Request: per-function region specification

I am deploying my app to ap-southeast-2 and want to add a CloudFront origin-response handler. I am getting errors when trying to deploy a new cloudfront event function:

CloudFront associated functions have to be deployed to the us-east-1 region.

Here is my serverless code:

# Cloudfront
  handler: cloudfront.handleOriginResponse
  region: us-east-1 // <--this would be ideal
    - cloudFront:
        eventType: origin-response
        pathPattern: /*
          DomainName: mywebsite.come
          OriginPath: /
            OriginProtocolPolicy: match-viewer
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I came across this answer which is a nifty way of deploying to multiple-regions for specific functions - however it is not a silver bullet, especially if youโ€™re not wanting to deploy your entire stack on multiple regions: