Error with initial NPM install of Severless

Hello… I tried installing Serverless using NPM per instructions:
C:\Serverless>npm install -g serverless

and I get:

Error: Cannot find module 'C:\Users<my user id>\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\serverless\node_modules\tabtab\index.js\src\cli.js

Is anyone else seeing this or is this a problem specific to my config?

Installer seems to think index.js is a directory? I saw bug reports for tabtab that were similar, but didn’t look the same.


I’m seeing this with the latest version (1.16.1)
going back to 1.16.0 eliminates the issue.
npm install -g serverless@1.16.0

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Hello folks!

This issue has been resolved and is available in the master branch

It will be in the next release.

If you can’t wait (:smiley:) you can install the framework from github.

npm i -g 

The next release should be out next Wednesday I believe

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Thanks for the info… I will probably go back to the old version 1.16.0…

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This method works like a charm. Thanks mate.