Env Vars not set on SQS Triggered Lambda

I have a serverless.yml with a collection of lambdas. There are currently some API Gateway triggered lambdas and one that is SQS triggered.
The environment is set at the provider level.

I’m running this using serverless-offline and for SQS I’m using the serverless-offline-sqs-esmq plugin.

The peculiar thing is, for the API Gateway triggered lambdas, all the process.env values are set correctly. However, when the SQS triggered lambda runs, none of the environment variables set in serverless.yml are available. Serverless is setting something as I can see that the IS_OFFLINE property is set, just none of my own specified ones.

There is no difference in config other than the event source for the two different types. I’ve also tried specifying the environment at the function level but this makes no difference.

Has anyone seen this or know what it could be?