dynamodb how to define none key schema in serverless.yml?

I try to apply a dynamodb in my serverless aws lambda. My file is like:

      Type: 'AWS::DynamoDB::Table'
      DeletionPolicy: Retain
          - AttributeName: id
            AttributeType: S
          - AttributeName: lat
            AttributeType: N 
          - AttributeName: lng
            AttributeType: N
          - AttributeName: id
            KeyType: HASH
          ReadCapacityUnits: 1
          WriteCapacityUnits: 1
        TableName: ${self:provider.environment.TableStore}

I try to apply lat and lng as attributes of storeTable, just the attribute not key Schema, but every store element should have these attributes.

But there is error:

An error occurred: StoreDynamoDbTable - Property AttributeDefinitions is inconsistent with the KeySchema of the table and the secondary indexes.

How to make lat and lng just mast attribute,not key element for index?

@foretribe In DynamoDB you don’t create a schema of the attributes other than the keys. It is a schema-less NoSQL database. So remove the lat and lng attributes from the definition.
Here is the confusing part if you are coming from a RDBMS or SQL databae background:

Every table is a collection of items, and every item is a collection of key/value pairs called attributes. In contrast to relational databases, DynamoDB does not enforce a strict schema. It means that different items can have different numbers of attributes and attributes with the same name can have different types.

Hope that helps.