Does anyone know of a python ASGI plugin?

Hi everyone,

New to the forum, and semi-new to serverless. I am absolutely in love with the painless and quick delivery the framework allows me. I have deployed flask, express.js, and plain old nodejs so far. I recently tried to port one of y flask deployments to Quart, which is basically an asynchronous version of flask. Sadly, the serverless-wsgi plugin is not compatible with Quart, which uses ASGI spec. Does there exist an ASGI plugin yet, or would this be something I would have to home cook?

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Very much looking for this!

There’s mangum but it’s barely a concept :

Also delijati’s has a fork of Zappa which includes ASGI support :, but Zappa hasn’t seen any major improvements in a long time.

I know it makes little difference if its ASGI or WSGI when you’re running them on lambdas, but the future of python is async and many people want to develop on the new async web frameworks (Sanic/Quart/Starlette)

…Zappa hasn’t seen any major improvements in a long time.

Zappa is under active development and another way to say this is that Zappa is stable for it’s targeted use-case.
(and supports event triggers, and ALB deployment)

And yes, Zappa only currently supports WSGI applications. I expect that ASGI support is being considered, especially now that APIGateway now supports websockets.

Zeit Serverless Functions has ASGI support.

I created a demo of this integration with FastAPI:

Not using it in production for anything…but am quite interested in that.