Do you have a Slack group? (novice advices)

Hi guys,

I’m really new in Serverless and would appreciate answering some simple questions.

Eg. I was able to create and deploy first project, but I don’t know how to change the domain name for deployed API and couldn’t find it in the docs.

There will probably be few more simple questions to ask where answering via Slack group / anything more flexible than a forum would be definitely quicker.

Do you have something like that?

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No Slack that I know of, but there is a Gitter chatroom there:

Hi svitekp lets create a slackgroup and share in this fórum, what do you think?

At the moment we don’t have a user Slack channel. We keep everything in Gitter and will probably at some point establish a slack channel, but we didn’t have the time yet. I’ll bring it up to the team

We have this one


Can you invite me?


Best regards

Cesar Oliveira

maybe look into something like this?
just to avoid tons of “me too” posts :slight_smile:

You can signup for that slack group at without needing to ask for an invite.

The site has a sub-command, under community, for slack. But, the link goes to an expired invitation.

Try the Gitter which I think is run by Serverless Inc or which is run by Serverless Seattle.

There is a very active slack group here (; would probably be good to consolidate gitter into the slack one.

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@AnthonyC isnt’ this an invite only slack though?