Disable SQS Lambda Trigger through serverless update-config

I’ve got an AWS Lambda deployment orchestrated by serverless, that takes events from an SQS queue (through an AWS Lambda Trigger), and stores them in a database.
I need to disable/enable the AWS Lambda Trigger from time to time in order to execute some maintenance process, and I would like to do it through serverless.

I tried to do it through the option --update-config of the deploy function command, but it does not disable the trigger.

My deployment looks like this (deploy.yml)
service: …

frameworkVersion: '2'


  artifact: ...

    handler: "my.package.Main::my_function"
    description: ...
    maximumRetryAttempts: 0
      - sqs:
          arn: "arn:aws:sqs:eu-west-1:...:..."
          batchSize: 1
          enabled: true

When I deploy the lambda, I call the following command:
serverless deploy --config config.yml --force

Then, when I want to pause the Trigger, I just change the enabled, and execute the following command:
serverless deploy function --function event-handler --config config.yml --update-config

But nothing changed. The function still enabled.

I am doing anything wrong?